Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy World Egg Day!

              Happy World Egg Day! New Upcoming promotions coming soon to EggCartons.com!

What Happens When We Make Eggs

                         I really enjoyed this video, got a good laugh. Hope you guys do to!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Every Part of our Coop Works Together

Running a business takes hard work. The whole team gets involved unpacking an entire truck load full of egg cartons! It really is led by example here, as well as a true sense of dedication to the company. Prime example is the CEO Paul Boutiette. He is not just sitting in a comfy chair and delegating, he gets his hands dirty until the grunt work is done. That same drive and hardworking attitude flows through the whole company making EggCartons.com a class act from start to finish. With excellent customer service that is dedicated to meeting your needs, EggCartons.com shows moral and ethical priorities from the leadership down.

Monday, October 3, 2011

About EggCartons.com and our Customers

EggCartons.com hosted a contest to find a picture for our new catalog. Here are the submitted photographs which were all amazing. After looking through all the pictures we decided on the picture you see on the cover below. We hope you enjoy looking through the runner up photographs as much as we did!
Congratulations to Ana Hotaling and Clarence her Dutch Booted Bantam! Clarence is our lucky winner of our Pee-Wee Catalog Cover-Bird photo contest. Make sure to peck out some time to visit our facebook page for more contests and see our great deals. Visit our facebook page!  facebook.com/eggcartons
Contest Winner!
Pondering Chicken
What a beautiful bird and scenery.

Acrobat chickens on a balance beam.

Chickens hanging out looking at their eggs in our Recycled Fiber Blank Teal Carton.

Just a great photo!

Chicks writing just doing some paperwork!
Chick friendship

Awesome new hairstyle

The biggest chicken I've ever seen!

How many eggs does it take to spell eggs?

Chickens preparing for a jail break!

I call this the zebra chicken.