Thursday, February 2, 2012

A sweet idea

Valentine's Day, it's coming up quickly... How do you spend it? What if you're single? What do you do? Eat chocolate alone? Have an Un-Valentine's Day Party? Pretend it's another day? Maybe you have been together for years and things are just fabulous! Maybe you have found the person of your dreams that you never saw coming? Maybe you're totally happy being single or in a relationship, either way, the V word will come up, and you will decide how you're going to spend it. If you are a baker or not, here's a really cute and quick idea for an adorable gift to give to anyone... your significant other, a child, teacher, friend (especially if you're single), co-worker.

For us over at, we have found a terrific idea for anyone to do on or before Valentine's Day. We love our color egg cartons so much, and there are so many colors to choose, we thought, "Why not use them for mini cupcakes, will they fit?" Bake or buy (We bought these little treasures just because we do not have a ton of time to bake) little mini cupcakes. These are Valentine's Day themed, but you could use any holiday for inspiration. Here are some ideas: 1.) Lime green carton for St. Patrick's Day or Halloween. 2.) Teal, pink or yellow for Easter or Summer themed party 3.) Brown for Thanksgiving... you get the point. They are great for other things too, not just cupcakes! You can use them for candy, cupcakes (obviously), crayons, jewelry, golf ball storage, seedling storage, etc. If YOU have additional inspirational ideas, we'd love to hear about it! Please post them on our Facebook page at

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